Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Stepping Away

I was afraid this might happen.

When we decided to start the family blog, I was determined to continue writing here at this place that I've known so well at least every other week, if not weekly. Seriously; that sounds doable--right?

The Long Way to Go went live April 6 and at first I was able to maintain both blogs. And friends, I've got to tell you, I really enjoy working with my girls over at the other blog! I am calling out the writer in each of my daughters and taking joy in watching them grow in that, as they hone not only their writing skills, but their beliefs and convictions, as well. Borrowing words from a McDonald's ad: I'm lovin' it!


In case you haven't noticed, things have been a bit quiet around here lately. At times it seems I've abandoned the Shoebox. *sniff. This is not intentional, but it is necessary for now.

You see, in spite of the fact that my husband calls me "Super-Woman", I am finding that I really can't do it all (let's keep that between us; shall we?). Running a home, teaching my children, keeping up with laundry, gardening, 4H projects, being involved in all the fun-crazy schemes the older girls come up with, plus maintaining two blogs while working on an eBook and a few other things going on around here that I'm not ready to tell you about just yet. My life is crazy-busy, but as I like to say, "At least I'm not bored; right?"

Each time I think about the Shoebox and the fact that I have nothing to post and no time to write even if the inspiration was there, I feel anxious. I don't like that.

So here's the deal. I'm going to take myself off the hook by taking the next month or so off, away from the Shoebox. I need to re-gain a sense of purpose here and figure out where things are headed with this blog. The focus at The Long Way is vastly different than the Shoebox and I don't really want to shut it down or walk away. But I do need a sense of direction.

So this isn't "Goodbye" but rather "See ya later, friend".

In the meantime, you can catch up with me and the girls over at The Long Way to Go!
Here are some of the things we've posted over there lately:

Also, if you have any suggestions or ideas of topics you would be interested in reading about--either here or at the new blog-- I would really appreciate hearing from you!


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Friday, May 1, 2015

A Gift for My Daddy

Last week here at the Shoebox, I shared two stories about my step-mom. The first post–The Hand-Picked Step-Mom— explains how my sister and I chose her for our Daddy. 

In the second story,–Six Weeks to Eternity— which went live on the 5th anniversary of her death, I told “the rest of the story”, of how we were able to help Daddy fulfill her request that she be allowed to die at home.

What Daddy didn't know that day as he read the tribute I had written about his dear wife, was that we were at home busily finishing up a gift to present to him that evening when he came for a dinner to celebrate April birthdays: Emily, Sam, and our Uncle Larry.

You can read all about it and see photos of The Memory Quilt over at our new blog The Long Way to Go.


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