Wednesday, July 23, 2014

When the Bee Stings

"When the dog bites; when the bee stings; when I'm feeling sad.
I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad."

Thinking happy thoughts may work well for Julie Andrews, but around here the only thing on our minds after getting stung is PLANTAIN!

Not to be confused with the banana-looking tropical fruit found in Asia, plantain is a common weed found in backyards and fields all over North America. You probably have some growing in your own yard, unless your lawn happens to be manicured. Ours isn't.

Plantain grows in groups of 3 or more leaves. The leaf does not have one main vein, but rather all veins are individual and lead into the stem.

So now that you can easily identify the weed, what exactly should you do with it and how does it help with bee stings? Glad you asked.

Chew a large piece of the a leaf until it's well crushed and a bit gooey. Then slap the green goo onto the site of the sting (if the stinger is still present, remove it by scraping a plastic card-such as a credit card-across it till the stinger comes out). Plantain is a powerful astringent and as it begins pulling the poison out of the wound, the pain will ease. Usually within 10 minutes the pain has subsided.

A common scenario around our country home is a child gets stung and immediately begins hunting for plantain. If the victim is in terrible pain, a nearby sibling will usually come to their rescue and find the plantain for them. They all know what to do with the weed, including 4 year old Michael Ray. I usually never hear about the incident unless I happen to witness it while in progress.

None of our children have ever been bit by a snake, thankfully. But there are copperheads and rattlesnakes on our property. Should anyone ever be so afflicted, we will immediately apply plantain to the wound and have the victim sip charcoal water (which helps neutralize and purge the toxins internally) during the 45 minute drive to the hospital.

Perhaps Julie Andrews' song does apply. When it comes to dealing with bee stings, plantain is our favorite thing!


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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Men I Follow

Being a wife and mother to a large, busy household does not afford me much time for reading. Many years ago I decided that everything I choose to read must benefit my life in some way. This also applies to blogs.

I would like to share with you three exceptional blogs I have found worthy to follow that happen to be written by men and explain why I follow them.

The Matt Walsh Blog

Matt is a 27 year old blogger, talk radio host, husband, and father of twins. He is very conservative and writes with a passion for sharing truth regarding current events. With his finger on the pulse of our country, Matt covers everything from parenting to the political arena, hitting on the most controversial topics that face Christians today. He is humble, yet bold, and doesn't compromise or back down. I like that.

Matthew L. Jacobson

I was first introduced to Matthew through his wife Lisa's blog (Club 31). Together they are a dynamic writing team! While Lisa's blog addresses women, Matthew writes to both husband and wife. He often explains things to wives about their husbands in simple terms and he has been instrumental in helping me to understand my own man at times. He writes openly and candidly about marriage, parenting, our culture and issues facing the Church. He even hits on "touchy" subjects such as sex, sin, and conflict in marriage, all from a biblical worldview and always handled with dignity and sprinkled with grace. Matthew is the author of the book
100 Ways to Love Your Wife: A Life-long Journey of Learning to Love Each Other and an eBook 10 Things You Won't Find in a Godly Marriage, which is free when you subscribe to his blog!

The Arsenal

A few years ago Haley became acquainted with a young man on a Christian writing forum, who impressed her not only with his writing ability, but by his noble character as well. She suggested I check out his blog.

Reagan is articulate, sincere, and bold in his beliefs. Reading his blog has helped me to not only be a better parent, but has also challenged and encouraged me in my walk with the Lord. He writes on such topics as modesty from a male perspective, why he believes hugging girls is wrong, and the downside of public education (he was public-schooled through high school and just finished his first year at Ohio State University). His posts are often viewed by many as controversial, even in the conservative, Christian community. His latest post is a prime example; it is titled, I Am a Sexist.

Reagan is the editor of Kingdom Pen, a free online magazine that encourages young writers to write well and to write for Christ.

I hope you are equally blessed by these three men as much as I have been!


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